The Art of Earthing


Earthing is the act of intentionally spending time in nature. Now more than ever it is important that we get outside and connect with natures energy. The art of Earthing draws unwanted energy down into the Earth; the Earth then transmutes (recycles) this energy and uses it for the good of all. With this energy released form both your energetic + physical body, you are able to reconnect with an energy that is high in vibration and will help you to thrive.

Some of the benefits of Earthing are:

- Helps us ground our energy

When you are feeling like your energy I all over the place stepping outside can be one of the best and quickest ways to balance your energy out.

- It energizes cells in our body

- Reduces stress, pain, and fatigue

- Helps us work through anxiety + depression

- Can aid in correcting sleep disorders

- Can help heal cardiovascular disease

There are many ways to practice Earthing, so spend some time find the way that works best for you. My favorite way to practice Earthing is to walk in the grass barefoot; but you can also:

- Lay in the grass

- Put yo feet in a flowing natural body of water

- Hug a tree (be sure to ask permission first)

As always I encourage you all to do your own research and share additional information you discover.

Let the community know how you practice Earthing down in the comments.

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