The Art of Consistency

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It’s taken me a solid 33 years to begin really grasping the power that consistency holds. We talk often about how important it is to create patterns that align with the intentions we’ve set, but some of us (pointing at myself) have been going through the motions.

In order for us to manifest, we must be disciplined in the areas of our lives where we choose to be consistent.

If your goal is to lose weight; consistently eating foods that don’t serve your body does not align with weight loss. We can apply this example to so many areas of our lives so apply it were needed in your own personal circumstances.

If we are to attain the goals we’ve set for ourselves, we must take a very candid look at where we are dropping the ball in our lives.

Without being honest about our shortcomings and toxic behaviors, it will be very difficult to heal the aspects of ourselves that we choose to stay connected to. 

Once we acknowledge what needs to be released, we can begin to make a shift towards aligning with new habits that will move us closer to where we want to be.

I think it’s important to note that we can do all of this work without judging ourselves. This is where we are in our journey; we know where we need to improve and from there we do what it takes moment to moment to be sure we are committed and consistent to the habits that will help us thrive.


Questions to ask yourself

Where do I need to be more consistent in my life?

Where am I not showing up for myself?

Why am I not showing up for myself in this area?

How can I heal this aspect of myself? 


It takes three weeks to solidify a new habit.

Where ever you are consistent in your life, you can expect the results of that habit to manifest in your reality; good or bad.

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