New Moon in Leo

Moon Magic New Moon

New Moon in Leo

Aug. 18, 2020

** The information below is general information. This post will be updated with a more accurate energy reading as we get closer to Aug. 18th**

Colors to keep close by:

Yellow, Gold, Orange

Solar Staple: Sun

Tarot Card: Strength

Chakra: Crown (7th Chakra)

Meridian Association: Heart (11A - 1P Body Clock Time)


Healing Stones:

Sunstone - Joy

Carnelian - Stabilizes + Motivates

Citrine - Maximizes Energy Flow



New Moon Spiritual Benefits

New Beginnings

Reflect + Release

Set New Intentions


New Moon in Leo Helps us align with

Joy Creativity





It will challenge us to:

Be humble

Be Flexible



Planets in retrograde and how it affect us

Pluto Rx in Capricorn until Oct. 3, 2020

With Pluto retrograde during this New Moon in Leo it will give us the strength we need to sit with our fears and the areas of our lives we are most uncomfortable with.

Saturn Rx in Aquarius until Sept. 28, 2020

Saturn in retrograde at the time of this Leo New Moon will be assisting us with going with the flow in a very authoritative way. It will encourage us to get clear on our intentions, set them, and then moving into a space of alignment + allowance.

Jupiter Rx in Capricorn Until Sept. 12, 2020

We will be called to visit our spirituality… it will ask us to analyze how we are receiving the experiences we have. Do we view them as good/bad luck? Do we show gratitude for our blessings?


Things we can do to align with this New Moon in Leo and manifest the desires of our hearts

Do a New Moon Ritual

1.Get clear on what you desire moving forward

2. Take a spiritual Bath

3. Write your intentions

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