Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Moon Magic Rituals

With so much going on during the time of the full moon, it can be difficult to know how to process,heal, and release. Here are a few things I like to do, and encourage you to do if it aligns with you spirit and your journey at the time of you reading this.

1. Drink lots of water
During full moons our bodies are going through a lot so it's really important for us to stay hydrated in order to aid in the releasing process.
2. Give your stones a bath
You crystals/ healing stones love to be cleansed and recharged by the light of the full moon. Simply set your stones out on the night of the full moon and let them do their thing!!
3. Rest!!!
I don't know about you all but I always get tired when the full moon is upon us. If you feel this way as well; don't fight it, allow yourself to rest. You deserve it!
4.Do a releasing ceremony
For this activity you will want to grab a few things before you get started.
- Paper
- Pen or Pencil
- Candle
- Lighter
- Container with water in it (I prefer ceramic)
Since we know the full moon is so great at bring things we need to work through up; I like to take a few moments to sit with the things I wish to release. Here's how I do it but feel free to do what aligns with you...
a. I find a space where I feel safe, light my candle and take as many deep breaths as I need to in order to feel calm, grounded, and connected.
b. Next I write out a list of all the things I feel no longer serve my highest good. I then allow for spirit to speak up and add additional things. These are usually the deeply rooted things I try to hold on to but know its time to let them go. 
c. Once my list is written, I visualize what it will look like to let go, feel how it will feel to release completely, and speak these things with the intention to release them and ask that they be replaced with things that do serve me.
Note: This can be an emotional process. Whatever comes up for you at this time... allow it to! You may be happy, sad, angry... everyone has their own reaction and way of processing. Remain open to this process... take breaks if needed but give yourself permission to experience this so that you can heal fully. 
d. Hold your list close to your heart and honor all of these things... After all, at some point these things served you in some capacity. When you are ready; take your lighter and burn your paper holding it for as long as possible (please do not burn yourself trying to hold the longer that needed). As you watch your paper burn, breathe deeply and give thanks for their full release.
e. When you are ready, drop your flaming list into the water. I like to flush the list, the ashes, and the water down the toilet once I am done.
f. Take a few moments to spend some time reflecting; this is a great time to journal about how you plan to show up moving forward.
5. Do a detoxifying full moon bath (aka spiritual bath)
With all that you have just released energetically, a bath is a powerful way to honor yourself and practice self care.
For your bath, here is what you will need:
- Sage
- Epsom salt
- Sea Salt (not table salt)
- Himalayan salt
- Essential oils
- Crystals
- Candles
- Florida water
- Herbs and/or flowers
I typically like to clean and sage my tub area before I begin. It is very important that you are intentional when adding items to your bath water. I believe it helps manifest exactly what you desire to get out of this process. This detoxifying bath will help to relax you and remove any of the remaining unwanted energy.  Once your cleaning is complete:
a. Run bath water at a temp. that is comfortable for you.
b. As the water is running add each ingredient one at at time stating the purpose you wish for it to serve. Example: I add this Florida water with the intention for it to protect me.
Note: It is okay if you don't have all of these things. Use what you have and set your intention for the bath. Also; try not to let your herbs go down the drain when you are done.
c. Once everything is added; step into your bath with the intention of it bringing the healing you need and enjoy as long as you wish.
d. When you are done; take some time to nourish yourself. Be gentle and loving with yourself and others and allow yourself to bask in the lightness that you may be experiencing.

And there you have it! You are now on a journey towards healing and proper alignment. I know it's nice to think things will change over night... they might. But odds are you will need to continue to do the work and show up for yourself daily.
I hope this was helpful for you all!!

Light + Love,

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