Angel Numbers

angel numbers

          angel numbers

Have you been seeing repeating numbers/ #angelnumbers 

Here’s what they mean and how you can work with your #spiritteam 

111- Is a gentle reminder that you are always manifest so it is important to think, speak, + act in a way that aligns with the highest version of yourself. 

222- No matter what you have going on, you are being called to move in a way that creates balance and harmony in any given situation. 

333- A gentle reminder that you are loved + supported by the Divine. 

444- Trust your intuition at this time and know that you are protected as you flow through your journey. 

555- Without change life would be dull. Changes are occurring, expect great things!!

666- 6 is the number of love. When you see 666 it serves as a gentle reminder to not worry so much about the physical/material and asks that you refocus on love. 

777- The Divine’s way of letting you know you are exactly where you need to be. 

888- Abundance is here for you at this time. Enjoy!!!

999- The current cycles of your journey are coming to an end. Embrace the shift and flow into your new beginnings.

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